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 Interview pour Ataya Gallerie, 2014

 Interviewartistes alice bachmannInterviewartistes alice bachmann (683.2 Ko)


Exposition "Non-classic Serial" à Milan (Darsena - L'Eliscriso) dans le cadre de l'exposition collective européenne en réseau "6pm your local time" organisée par le Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age.

The video-installation includes webcams connected to projectors that project images of the visitors onto special surfaces in real time. The surfaces are reflective or porous, with the latter letting some light filter through, multiplying the video into a deconstructed spatial dimension. It is a fragmented experience of vision, where the architectural structure no longer provides a point of reference and the bodies of the audience members, in a kind of unsettling game, give rise to a bizarre setting that is in perpetual motion. The first visitors enter a space where the only image projected is that of empty space. The webcam records the human presence starting to occupy and fill the setting, thus creating an endless cycle of images. In this closed system, the interlocking 'projections in the projections', the “mise en abîme”, is an illusionistic attempt to create other hypothetical spaces within the tangible walls of the exhibition venue. It is the opposite of the way in which classical sculpture loses its divine aura when produced serially: when man contemplates his digital ubiquity in this way he gains access to a supernatural state.

Live sonore de Kar-L : https://soundcloud.com/tri-mansion/non-classic-serial-6pm-your-1















Exposition à St-Louis (Sénégal) dans le cadre des Off de la biennale d'art contemporain de Dakar.

Pour Attaya Gallery.

Avec Apadola Nelson : nelsonapadola.tumblr.com 

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